Short Love Text Messages ~ Sweet Love Quotes

Short Love Text Messages

  • It takes 2 to tango, 2 to kiss, 2 to talk & remenisce, so many good things come in 2, & one of those things is me & u!

  • I love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile. Your loving face No1 will ever take your place.

  • I have just eight words which I have for you. That is I love you.

  • You Are My Blessing The gift wrapping is over The cards are gone Yet my heart continues To sing

  • Great minds contain ideas, solutions n reasons; scientific minds contain formulas, theories n figures; my mind contains only u.

  • As I woke up this morning, my angel came smiling and asked "What's ur wish 4 2day?" I paused 4 a while, then I told her not to worry about me and take care of u instead.

  • A kiss that tells it all is seldomly a first edition.

  • Roses are red and the sky is blue ........ and I love you

  • A sMiLe tO pUt You On HiGh... A KisS To Set YoUr SouL ALriGhT... WouLd iT bE aLriGhT iF I spEnT ToNiTe BeiNg LovED bY YoU???

  • The hardest thing you'll ever do is watch the one u love, love someone else.

  • You greeted me hi, I didn't reply. You gave me a sweet smile, I responded with a sigh. You showed me your love, you received a shrug. But when you bid goodbye I began to cry.

  • Kash main chand tu sitara hota,falak pey ek ashiyana hamara hota,sab tujhe door bohat door se dakhtey per tujhe chooney ka haq sirf hamara hota.

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